Les 4 Lunes

Brasserie Bed & Breakfast Chambres d'hôtes à Lavaux-Ste-Anne

Lavaux-Sainte-Anne is a very quiet village, but there is a lot to see close by :

20 m  Restaurant "Les caprices de Ste-Anne"
website : http://www.les4lunes.be

50 m  Lavaux-Sainte-Anne feudal Castle
website : http://www.chateau-lavaux.com

2 km  Walks (signposted)

2 km  Comogne farm (mare milk)
website : http://www.fermedelacomogne.eu

3 km  The river Lesse

7 km  Sohier, flowered village
website : http://www.sohier-village.be/

9 km  Horseriding in Chanly
website : http://www.lerelaisdelalesse.be/

10 km  the famous caves in Han and Safari Parc
website : http://www.grotte-de-han.be

10 km The house of peasant life
website : http://www.maison-viepaysanne.be

13 km  Beauraing, town of pilgrimage
website : http://www.beauraing.be

17 km  Rochefort, Laugh festival and special events
website : http://www.rochefort.be

19 km  Chevetogne Estate (children outside games and swimming pool)
website : http://www.province.namur.be/sections/culture/loisirs/

22 km  Redu, the village of books
website : http://www.redu.info

22 km  Euro Space Center in Transinne
website : http://www.eurospacecenter.be

23 km  Givet, have a stroll in France
website : http://www.givet.fr